Nice the cat and Surya the meerkat love to cuddle with each other.

  • Surya the meerkat and Nice the cat are best friends and live in Saint Petersburg, Russia with owner Ekaterina Kuraeva.
  • As Kuraeva told Metro, the pair bonded immediately, love to cuddle, and now love each other "to the point of jealousy."
  • They are also stars on social media, with Kuraeva documenting their adventures on Instagram with the handle @meerkat_suren.
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It would not seem like cats and meerkats would have much in common. However, a pair of best friends "who love to cuddle" is proving doubters wrong, like a real-life Timon and Pumbaa from "The Lion King."

Surya the meerkat and Nice the cat live in Saint Petersburg, Russia. As reported by Metro, their owner says the pair love each other "to the point of jealousy."

Nice and Surya bonded immediately, owner Ekaterina Kuraeva said.

Owner Ekaterina Kuraeva told the outlet the unlikely duo bonded immediately when Surya joined the family. "They do everything together, eating, sleeping and playing," she said.

One thing they especially love to do, Kuraeva said, is cuddle.

She added: "Surya is definitely the most affectionate one, but Nice loves the meerkat too, he loves playing with him and licking him up.

"Surya is very jealous when I spend time with the cat, when I take him in my arms, he gets nervous and starts jumping trying to get him back.'

Surya and Nice are also social media stars. Their Instagram account, @meerkat_suren, is regularly updated by Kuraeva, who posts photos and videos of the pair's latest adventures.

Aside from Metro, the unlikely pair's story has also been picked up by the likes of the Daily Mail and Express.

It goes to show best friends can come in all shapes and sizes.

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