Piers Morgan in 2019 at an event in Beverly Hills, California.
  • Piers Morgan became a patron of The Moggery, which rehouses stray cats, in 2008.
  • The charity's founder defended Morgan and said the controversial presenter will remain a patron.
  • "He hasn't stood on any kitten heads or anything like that," Christine Bayka said.
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A British cat protection charity has said Piers Morgan will remain their patron despite his recent controversies because "he hasn't stood on any kitten heads."

Morgan left his role on ITV's "Good Morning Britain" earlier this month after comments he made about Meghan Markle sparked widespread backlash. He became a patron of The Moggery, which rehouses and protects stray cats, in 2008. On The Moggery's website, it states that Morgan was offered patronage after donating a book to a fundraiser organized by the charity.

Christine Bayka, who is the chair and founder of the charity, told The Third Sector, a British trade magazine, that Morgan became a patron "before he became world-famous" and defended the controversial presenter's right to his own opinions, saying he will remain a patron "as he hasn't stood on any kitten heads or anything like that."

She said: "He is entitled to his own opinions. They may not be ones that I agree with, but that's why he is popular - because he's opinionated - and why he was employed at ITV."

Piers Morgan walking off the "Good Morning Britain" set.

Earlier this week, it was reported that the British broadcasting regulator, Ofcom, received 57,121 complaints - the most complaints ever filed with the regulator - about two episodes of "Good Morning Britain" that aired on March 8 and 9 in which Piers Morgan reacted to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During the first episode in question, Morgan said he "didn't believe a word" Markle said in response to a clip from the interview where she disclosed her experience with suicidal thoughts during her time as a working royal. And on the second, Morgan stormed off during the live broadcast after being confronted by his colleague, weather presenter Alex Beresford, who condemned Morgan's continued "trashing" of Markle.

Morgan's comments were condemned by several mental health charities including leading charity Mind, which said it was "concerned and disappointed" by Morgan's response.

In a full statement, the charity said: "We were disappointed and concerned to see Piers Morgan's comments on not believing Meghan's experiences about suicidal thoughts today. It's vital that when people reach out for support or share their experiences of ill mental health that they are treated with dignity, respect, and empathy. We are in conversations with ITV about this at the moment."

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