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  • Castle Lager has been named the world’s 25th most valuable beer brand.
  • It edged out US-based Miller beer to take the spot.
  • Bud Light was named the world’s most valuable beer brand, followed by Budweiser, and Heineken.

Castle Lager - one of South Africa’s most-sold beers - has for the first time been named the 25th most valuable beer brand in the world, competing head-on with the likes of Amstel and Heineken.

Brand Finance’s Beers 25 2018 report, released on Wednesday, found that Castle Lager edged out US-based Miller to take the 25th position.

It is the only African beer brand to be named in the report. 

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Bud Light was once again named the world’s most valuable beer brand at $7.4 billion, Budweiser the second most valuable at $7.1 billion, and Heineken third at $6.1 billion.

Castle Lager’s brand value was not released by Brand Finance.

Castle Lager’s producer South African Breweries was sold to AB InBev in 2016. The Belgium-based company boasts a whopping 13 brands in the report.

The top 10 valuable beer brands in the world (Supplied, Brand Finance)

David Haigh, CEO of Brand Finance, said the world’s biggest beer brands have been able to build deep customer loyalty by representing an accessible but aspirational lifestyle.

“[Marketing campaigns] also helped the established market leaders compete with challenger brands on their home turf by promising their consumers an experience rather than just a product,” Haigh said in a statement.

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He said the world’s top beer brands will, however, continue to face challenges from craft beer.

“But, smart marketing combined with the scale of production and distribution capabilities of the big conglomerates is a strong defence strategy.”

Haigh said brand strengths were assessed through a balanced scorecard of metrics based on marketing investment and business performance, which was used to determine what proportion of a business’s revenue is contributed by the brand.

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