• South African company Cash Connect has built a specially designed cash vault it claims is just about impregnable.
  • It can withstand attacks via grinding, jack hammering, and drilling for up to 4 hours.
  • The company also tried to blow it up – twice.
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A South African cash security group has built a unique safe that it says can withstand the worst attacks from local criminals.

Cash Connect, which transports and manages R70 billion worth of cash a year for retailers like Spar Group, Shell, Engen and Pick n Pay, recently launched the Connectr© 3000.u (N3K).

The N3K, which weighs 650kg, can secure 3,000 notes in a compact, under-counter vault built for the likes of petrol stations, fast food outlets, retail stores, building suppliers, and wholesalers.

Cash Connect
Break in attempt. Source Cash Connect.

Cash Connect put their safe to the test using mechanisms SA criminals have used to get into safes: grinding, jack hammering, and drilling. The company says its products could withstand such attacks for up to four hours.

They also tried to blow their N3K up – twice – and failed, despite using twice the amount of explosives that have been used in real-life robberies.

Cash Connect
Explosion 1. Source Cash Connect.
Cash Connect
Explosion 2. Source Cash Connect.

The company also recently launched the N10K. It is a relative monster at 950kg, holding 10,000 banknotes at a time.

The safes can count money and detect counterfeits, uploading information about the cash in real time, and include features such as biometric user identification. 

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