Carlos Ghosn rips Nissan's investigation into his alleged conduct at the company, calling it a 'gross perversion of the truth'

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Carlos Ghosn, Nissan
  • Nissan said Tuesday that it finds former chairman Carlos Ghosn's bail-jumping is "extremely regrettable" and that it will continue to seek damages for his alleged misconduct.
  • In response, Ghosn's legal team said the investigation was a "gross perversion of the truth."
  • Ghosn is expected to give a press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Beirut.
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Nissan and its former chairman Carlos Ghosn were once again at odds on Tuesday, as the two released combative statements ahead of the 65-year-old's scheduled press conference.

The automaker sided with Japanese prosecutors in a statement, saying it finds the fact that Ghosn skipped bail and escaped to Lebanon is "extremely regrettable."

"The internal investigation found incontrovertible evidence of various acts of misconduct by Ghosn, including misstatement of his compensation and misappropriation of the company's assets for his personal benefit," the statement read. "The consequences of Ghosn's misconduct have been significant."

Nissan went on to say it will continue to hold Ghosn responsible through legal actions for the "serious misconduct" uncovered as part of its investigation.

Ghosn, in response, called Nissan's claims a "gross perversion of the truth."

"The facts demonstrate that investigation was never about finding the truth," his legal team via email through a French PR firm. "It was initiated and carried out for the specific, predetermined purpose of taking down Carlos Ghosn to prevent him from further integrating Nissan and Renault, which threatened the independence of Nissan, one of Japan's iconic, flagship companies."

Specifically, Ghosn's lawyers claim that Hari Nada, a former Ghosn aid and whistleblower who has since pleaded guilty to criminal charges, is proof of a sham investigation.

"No reputable company continues to employ as a senior trusted executive, an individual who pled guilty to a crime, much less permit that individual to conduct the investigation of the very conduct in which he was directly involved," Ghosn's team said.

Ghosn's team also claims that Nissan did not try to interview Ghosn himself. Ghosn, who is in Lebanon, is expected to give a press conference Wednesday afternoon from Beirut.

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