Today's headlines

1. Minister of Public Enterprise Pravin Gordhan has met with striking SAA unions, but warned that government won't give any more money to the airline. More.

2. Meanwhile a few hundred SAA striking employees have returned to work, allowing the airline to resume some regional flights, Reuters reports.

3. RMB will distribute its share in FirstRand, worth about R130 billion, to shareholders.

4. Investec Asset Management, which will be spun off from Investec next year, is changing its name to Ninety One (it was founded in 1991). More.

5. The embattled fertiliser Omnia expects its profit to jump by almost 140% - which pushed its share price higher by almost 10% yesterday.

Graph of the day

Next year could be a good year for emerging markets, Bloomberg reported. The strongest economic growth is coming from Africa and Asia:

Source: Bloomberg

Utterly useless fact of the day

The Van der Vorms, a secretive family of Dutch billionaires, made as much as R59 billion off the sale of Ray-Ban owner GrandVision recently. More.

Tweet of the day

Also from Business Insider South Africa: