(Twitter, @BurgerKingZA)
  • Burger King South Africa on Wednesday launched a "third wheel" friendship promotion featuring free vouchers.
  • Its photo for the promotion: two people enjoying a Burger King meal, while someone with a startling resemblance to the McDonald’s mascot sits forlorn in the background.
  • McDonald’s South Africa responded by implying that no one listens when Burger King South Africa speaks. 

Burger King South Africa promoted a "third wheel" friendship promotion on Wednesday by posting a photo with McDonald’s mascot seated alone and forlorn in a corner, while two people enjoy a Burger King meal. 

But McDonald’s South Africa responded hours later by implying that no one listens when Burger King South Africa speaks. 

In a Twitter post, Burger King South Africa (@BurgerKingZA) called on users to tell them why they are a proud third wheel and stand the chance to win a voucher. 

Attached to the post was a photo of two customers enjoying a Burger King meal while someone closely resembling McDonald’s mascot Ronald McDonald sits alone in a corner. 

“We know you don’t always get the recognition you deserve, but we are rectifying this injustice just in time for #InternationalFriendshipDay (30 July),” Burger King wrote. 

McDonald’s South Africa (@McDonalds_SA) responded by quoting media personality Bonang Matheba.

"... they have to talk about you. Because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens,” McDonald’s South Africa said.

Burger King’s tweet was retweeted just over 20 times, while McDonald’s tweet received over 700 retweets.

Social media users praised McDonald’s for a smart response to being trolled. 

@theLouis_a said he is “deathed”, “corpsed” and “deceased”. 

“Let me tell you mates,  I'm unable to can. Beef on steroid. Level of heat... We can't be in winter. Must be summer,” he said.

@Rebelle_Crissi said, “McD's response is everything.”

On Burger King's Twitter profile, a user said they noticed what the chain did with McDonald's mascot. 

"Quilty," @BurgerKingZA responded. 

The two burger chains are not the first SA companies to go trolling this week. 

A Netflix South Africa video, viewed over 100,000 times so far, mocked Dstv’s lengthy installation process. 

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The ad makes fun of an archaic installation process, which involves searching for the best place for a signal, long cables and having a separate 'premium' bouquet that comes in a box (later revealed to be empty).

Dstv is yet to respond to Netflix’s advert.