Latest Sightings.
  • New footage released by Latest Sightings shows a buffalo crashing into a safari vehicle.
  • The footage was captured from two different angles.
  • The buffalo collided with the vehicle after being pursued by a pride of lions.
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Video of a buffalo crashing into a safari vehicle in the Pilanesberg National Reserve has been released by popular wildlife website Latest Sightings. Latest Sightings shares videos captured by visitors to SA's game reserves.

The footage was captured from two different angles by Jennifer Coleman and Liechen Tonkin, who were on separate vehicles when the big chase happened

They were trying to spot some buffalo during a game drive after an alert that the animals had been seen in the area earlier in the day.

Latest Sightings

"We saw two buffalo in the distance but stopped to look at a lioness and her three cubs. From another direction, we saw another lioness and then a lion running. In a matter of seconds, it all unfolded right next to the game vehicle. We saw the buffalo charging the lion, then the buffalo running and the lions in pursuit,” says Tonkin.

“We were routing for the buffalo but were shocked when the buffalo ran into the vehicle in front of us.”

Latest Sightings

The two lionesses who were with the cubs joined the chase, Coleman adds. “The buffalo was very disorientated from being spun around and ended up crashing into the game viewing vehicle with a loud thud.  This gave the male lion a big fright and some time for the buffalo to get away and run off in the opposite direction.”

Watch the video here:

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