A sad little petition hopes to resurrect Chocolate Logs. Nestlé is ‘humbled’.

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 Chocolate Log: RIP
  • Chocolate Log was killed off a little over a year ago. A new petition hopes to bring it back.
  • It is not much of a petition.
  • Nestlé has taken note, and says it always listens to its customers – but it isn't making any promises.
  • Owners have murdered brands and flavours including TaB, tomato-sauce-flavoured Simba, and Lay's salt and vinegar, since 2020.
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In mid-2020, Nestlé announced it was killing off Chocolate Log – the "creamy marshmallow on crisp wafer covered in milk chocolate" staple of many a South African childhood – after more than half a century. 

Consumers love innovation and new products, the company said at the time, and it promised many new snacks would be hitting shelves to fill the void.

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Not everyone was happy with that.

"Has anyone [else's] past few months felt awful," asks an anonymous petition launched this week. "People tend to blame corona but I have around a common denominator to the timeline. Chocolate Logs manufactured by Nestle have unfortunately been discontinued. We need them back. Why take the best chocolate of the shelf ?!?!"

Nestlé must return "the GOAT of chocolate", or greatest of all time, the petition demands, because the world needs [t]he creaminess of the marshmallow stuffed with caramelized wafer all coated in glazed sweet chocolate".

The petition is not an ambitious one; its goal is to attract one hundred supporters. A couple of days in, it was falling well short of even that, with just over 50 signatures late Wednesday afternoon.

That doesn't mean Nestlé isn't watching.

"We have noted the 'Bring Back Chocolate Log' petition and are humbled by the reaction of our consumers about the iconic chocolate brand," said the company's director of corporate communications and public affairs for its East and Southern Africa region, Saint-Francis Tohlang.

"We value consumer feedback and consider this in our product innovation process.  To us, every consumer is important."

But Nestlé isn't making any promises about a return.

"As a consumer-centric organisation, our purpose is to delight our consumers through tastier and healthier products," said Tohlang. "It is for this reason that through research, innovation as well as consumer insights, we do discontinue certain products and introduce new ones to the market. The discontinuation of the Chocolate Log was therefore informed by these factors."

If a hundred – or much more – signatures were enough to bring back Chocolate Log, it would set an interesting precedent in a snack market that has seen a massacre of brands and flavours during the pandemic. With consumers generally not hanging about in stores, where they can be tempted into buying sugary snacks and drinks, including TaB, tomato-flavour Simba chips, salt-and-vinegar Lay's, and some Milkybar and Bar-One variants.

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