Bright Khumalo
Bright Khumalo
  • For the second year in a row, an investment analyst from Johannesburg managed to save a large amount by following a simple strategy.
  • He started on 1 January, setting aside R1. Then every day after that, for the rest of the year, he would set aside R1 more than the previous day.
  • So on January 2, he would save R2, then the next day R3, and so on.
  • In the end, he had saved almost R70,000.
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Over the years, Bright Khumalo, an analyst and portfolio manager with Vestact Asset Management in Johannesburg, has gained a loyal following on Twitter with his savings challenges.

In 2019, he saved more than R7,000 by following a simple strategy: every day he just added 10c to the amount he saved the previous day.

On January 1st 2019, he woke up, took a 10c out of his wallet and set it aside. On the following day, Khumalo set 20c aside, and on day three of 2019, 30c. The biggest daily amount was R36.50, on 31 December 2019.

“When you wake up, you must remember what day it is and save that amount,” says Khumalo.

The challenge has proven to be a success with savers, as the routine of saving the money every day at the same time starts becoming a habit.

Last year, he launched a more ambitious savings strategy: instead of 10c, he started with R1 on January 1 2020, adding a rand every day, until he put away R366 on December 31st.

By the end of 2020, the total amount came to almost R70,000 (including interest) saved.

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For this year, he wants to save more than R100,000 with a different strategy.

Named after his Twitter handle – Khumalo is a proponent of investing in dividend-yielding shares - the “Dividend Papi 52-Week Savings Challenge” involves setting aside an amount every week. And this time, the large amounts come first.

In the first week of January, he deposited R3,670. Every week, this amount falls by R70. By December 31st, he will only have to set R100 aside.

Bright Khumalo's saving plan for 2021.

By saving the bigger amounts first, this will help with earning proper interest income on your savings, says Khumalo.

Compiled by Helena Wasserman

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