• Boris Johnson is considering calling a snap general election as early as Wednesday.
  • The UK prime minister is mulling a plan to call an early election if members of Parliament vote on Tuesday to block a no-deal Brexit in October.
  • A number of Conservative rebels are poised to back the vote, despite threats from Johnson that they will be sacked from the party.
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UK prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to call a general election, if members of Parliament vote to block a no-deal Brexit this week, according to multiple reports on Monday.

The House of Commons is due to vote on plans to force the UK government to seek an extension to the Brexit deadline of October 31, in order to avoid crashing out of the European Union without a deal.

Johnson will on Monday afternoon call an emergency meeting of his Cabinet, amid discussions within Downing Street about holding a snap general election next month, the BBC reports.

Downing Street signalled that the House of Commons vote on Brexit would be treated as a confidence vote in the government.

"Tomorrow's possible vote is an expression of confidence in government's negotiating position to secure a deal and will be treated as such," a Downing Street spokesperson told the Guardian.

The next general election is currently scheduled to take place in 2022.

In order for a general election to take place before then, two-thirds of MPs would need to vote for it.

However, there is growing concern among MPs planning to stop a no-deal Brexit, that Johnson could move the timing of a new election, once it is approved by Parliament, in order to ensure that Parliament remains closed during the period running uo to the October 31 Brexit deadline.

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Johnson prepares for showdown with his Conservative MPs

Johnson's government has threatened to expel Conservative MPs who rebel against the government to vote for averting a no-deal exit on October 31.

Around 20 Conservative rebels are poised to back opposition MPs in the vote, designed to pass a new piece of legislation that would force the government to seek an extension to the Brexit deadline due to run out on October 31.

"The whips are telling Conservative MPs today a very simple message - if they fail to vote with the government on Tuesday they will be destroying the government's negotiating position and handing control of parliament to Jeremy Corbyn," a source in the whips office told the Times.

"Any Conservative MP who does this will have the whip withdrawn and will not stand as a Conservative candidate in an election."

One rebel Conservative MP told Business Insider they would ignore the threats, saying they were "immovable," on the issue.

"I'm not taking lessons on loyalty from a prime minister who killed Brexit and the deal himself so he could get the top job."

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