Supplied by PriceCheck.
Supplied by PriceCheck.
  • South Africans are looking for deals on solar geysers, deep cycle batteries and gas stoves, ahead of Black Friday, says price comparison site PriceCheck.
  • Other top searches relate to water-wise improvements, driven by the ongoing drought, such as artificial grass, borehole pumps and rainwater tanks. 
  • Searches suggest dishwashers, fridges, and video game consoles, especially the PlayStation 4, will still sell well.
  • Google data, meanwhile, suggest that Black Friday 2019 could be a big deal. 
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South Africans are already searching for Black Friday 2019 deals – and they're especially keen for ways to avoid rolling electricity blackouts and water shortages, data from price-comparison website PriceCheck shows.

“Now that load shedding is a possibility again, products that remove reliance on Eskom are seeing more traction - solar geysers, deep-cycle batteries, and gas stoves,” said Chloe Gojon-Lötter CEO of PriceCheck. 

PriceCheck said some of the other top searches relate to home improvement items, with special emphasis on water-wise equipment, driven by the ongoing drought across big parts of South Africa. Items attracting attention include artificial grass, borehole pumps, and rainwater tanks. 

Beside those categories PriceCheck expects air conditioners, large appliances like dishwashers and fridges, and video game consoles – especially the PlayStation 4 – to do well over Black Friday, Gojon-Lötter says.

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In the lead-up to Black Friday last year, by contrast, South Africans were looking for deals on Fitbits, sneakers, and hoverboards, as well as fridges and air conditioners. 

Google Trends data also show that searches for Black Friday discounts are already going strong. With four weeks to go until 29 November, Google Trends data suggests Black Friday 2019 is drawing a lot more interest than we saw this time last year.

Complied by Jay Caboz.
Google Trends searches for Black Friday. Complied by Jay Caboz.

As more and more South Africans shift to online to find the best deals, before hitting the stores, PriceCheck expects there to be an increase of around one quarter in searches online compared with Black Friday last year. 

It also expects people to be spending more money. PriceCheck found South Africans are looking for items priced in the R4,000 to R8,000 range this year, almost double the price ranges of items searched for leading up to Black Friday 2018. 

The most popular brands being sought out this year haven’t changed much, as of yet, with Samsung, Defy, Sony and Huawei still being consistent South African favourites.

But Apple has fallen off the top list, and has been replaced with Bosch.

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