Everything seems to show that the Black Friday discount shopping phenomenon has seen much faster growth in South Africa than any other country in the world.

According to Black-Friday.Global, which looked at worldwide Google Trends, South Africa had a 9,900% increase in interest for Black Friday deals last year.

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PriceCheck, South Africa’s biggest price comparison platform, has seen the growth firsthand. It says website traffic shot up from a daily average of 94,000 visits to 290,000 visits on Black Friday 2017.

Google Trends. Source Black Firday.Global

This year PriceCheck is ready. The price comparison site says it will be updating product offers every 15 minutes for larger retailers.

Partially thanks to Black Friday, online shopping in South Africa is expected to top R53 billion by the end of 2018, up from R37.1 billion in 2017, according to research by PayPal. 

The average South African online shopper is expected to spend over R1,600 during Black Friday sales, with clothes, electronics and shoes seen as priority purchases.

These are some of the insights PriceCheck's data on Black Friday 2017 provided. 

Last year, PriceCheck's traffic shot up from a daily average of 94,000 visits to 290,000 visits on the day.


That's three times the number of daily visits on Black Friday and twice the number on Cyber Monday, compared to its 2017 average. In addition, these visits were on 30% longer than the 2017 average duration. 

South Africans are keen to grab the best deals early. 


In 2017, traffic at midnight on the morning of Black Friday saw a big increase over the average day, suggesting that people went to bed late especially to hit the deals. The site also received the most traffic three hours earlier than average of between 8AM and 9AM, and at a higher volume, showing that SA’s online shoppers were ready and waiting for Black Friday deals to break. 

The most searched brands were Apple, Samsung, and Hisense.  


While these were the most sought after devices.


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