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Black Friday sale
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  • Black Friday is on 26 November this year, but some retailers have been pushing the sales over a much longer period in recent years.
  • Here are some of our favourite early Black Friday deals in South Africa, each checked to be a genuine decent deal.
  • Savings on big-ticket items of around a third the usual price are not unusual, and there are a couple of half-off deals that probably will not improve any time soon.
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Black Friday only comes around at the end of the month, but November is increasingly a deep-discount month as retailers push back the start of what they consider "early Black Friday".

In previous years, deep discounts on everyday consumables and the stuff easy to stockpile (toilet paper, nappies, coffee) came later in the month. But, from early November, you could pick up some decent deals on durable goods.

That's true again in 2021 – and so far we've seen cheap red wine and big-brand chocolate too.

Here are five of our favourite Black Friday deals right now.

Canon PIXMA G2411 multifunction printer: R2,000 from Game

The Canon PIxma 2410

Game claims its R1,999 price on the Pixma G2411 printer (with a scanner) is a one-third saving, at R1,000. From prices we've seen elsewhere, that is putting it mildly.

There's a printer for every possible use at a wide variety of price points, and some are always on special, as the manufacturers try to hook you on their expensive ink. But for a mid-range printer that does pretty much everything you need to do at home, that's a good price.

Game guarantees the price only until 9 November.

200g Lindor milk-chocolate cornets at an effective R84 each – if you buy three from Woolworths

Lindor milk chocolates

If you're serious about stocking up with pretty fancy chocolates for Christmas, the Woolworths Lindt promotion is a goodie.

The claim of 30% off when you buy three or more products stands up well. You will pay an effective R84 each for three boxes of Lindor milk-chocolate cornets, for instance. You can easily pay R130 as a standard price instead, or find competing special offers at the R100-per-box mark. 

Below that, not so much, unless you're not too fussy about the brand of individually-wrapped chocolate you need.

Six bottles of Wolftrap red wine at R40 each from Makro


There are cheaper red wines than Wolftrap but, at this price, not many you can even cook with.

Makro's R240 for six bottles of 750ml come in a third below the usual price in the mass market, and you'll usually pay more at smaller bottle stores. It also beats the pants off regular old specials.

The deals on high-end bottles of whiskey and other ridiculously-priced booze typically come later in the season. If you just want to stock up on same harsh but drinkable red, though, this may be as good as it gets.

That price is on offer until Black Friday weekend ends, on 28 November.

The Veggie Bullet from Nutribullet for R1,900 from Takealot

The Veggie Bullet

You can find the Veggie Bullet food processor listed for just under R4,000, as Takealot claims, though you can find it for closer to R3,400 without too much trouble.

Still, the R1,899 price on Takealot's Blue Dot Sale  is pretty close to half the usual price, and not bad at all in its class, for a high-brand food processor.

A Hisense sound bar from Everyshop, for R2,000


The Hisense HS-218 has all the usual features of a 2.1 sound bar, Bluetooth and USB playback, that kind of thing. For that you can pay nearly R3,000 on a limited-time special deal, or R2,300 at a genuine discount price.

So at just under R2,000, from relative newcomer Everyshop, you are going to struggle to do better any time soon.

That price is only on offer until 7 November.

Here's what else you need to know about Black Friday in South Africa.

When is Black Friday in South Africa?

The increasingly global special shopping day Black Friday falls on 26 November 2021. But, as in previous years, several retailers are trying to stretch it across the entire month of November, or at least the last weekend of the month.

Are Black Friday prices good in South Africa?

We have closely tracked Black Friday promotions since 2018, and we have seen some eye-popping promotions. But the best deals tend to be on strictly limited products (and even sub-categories of products, such as specific colours for household goods), with limited stock available, for a limited period of time. Retailers are trying to get you to shop more, and sometimes they're trying to clear shelves, but they're not actually trying to do you a favour.

* Prices were correct at publication, and sellers indicated stock availability, but discount sales are a moving target. 

(Compiled by Phillip de Wet)

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