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Just in time for the holiday festivities – or just a braai – Black Friday 2018 discounts are making it cheaper to stock up on booze.

Big retailers like Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Game, Makro, and Checkers are are all slashing liquor prices alongside food and other household items, with one store offering a massive R149,000 discount on a bottle of whisky.

Here are some of the best deals on popular alcoholic beverages in SA

Champagne/Sparkling Wine

Pongracz Brut from Makro.


Normal Price: R139.00

Black Friday Price: R100.00

Save: 28%

JC Le Roux from Checkers and Ultra Liquors.


One of the cheapest and most-popular sparkling drinks in South Africa normally retails for about R70 and above. Checkers is giving away three assorted bottles for R150, essentially R50 per bottle. Ultra Liquors is offering a similar special of R49.99 per bottle or alternatively, a box of 6 for R297, which is just slightly cheaper still. Pick n Pay's special on the other hand is R15 more than its counterparts at R65 per bottle.

Normal Price: from R70

Black Friday Price: R50.00

Save: 28.5%


Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky from Makro.

Makro has taken off a staggering R149,000 off a 50-year old bottle of Glenlivet single malt scotch whiskey that usually retails for a ridiculous R549,000 - pretty much the price of a brand new German luxury sedan with several add-ons.

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Normal Price: R549,000.00

Black Friday Price: R399,000.00

Save: 27%

Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky from Ultra Liquors.


Bottleshop is running a special on the 750ml bottle of Johnnie Black for R359.00. But if you look further that isn't great compared to Makro's R299 deal. However, at this point, Ultra Liquor's special on the Black Label bottle takes the prize at R270.

Normal Price: R319.00

Black Friday Price: R269.99

Save: 15%


A Heineken 12-pack of 330ml bottles from Checkers


A 12-pack of 330ml Heineken beers is currently going for R149.00 at Game (at the normal price). Checkers slashed their price by R55 to R99, making it a worthy bargain buy.

Normal Price: from R150

Black Friday Price: R99

Save: 34%

Amstel Lager, a case of 24 cans of 440ml each, from Shoprite.


Game's normal price for a case of 24 440ml cans of Amstel Lager is R265. For Black Friday, Shoprite will sell you the same case for R77 less.

Normal Price: R264.99

Black Friday Price: R188.00

Save: 29%


Skyy Vodka (2 x 375ml bottles) from Makro.


One 375ml bottle of Skyy vodka at Makro will set you back R119, but the retailer is selling two for R179 instead of the usual R238 you would pay.

Normal Price: R119.00 for one

Black Friday Price: R179.00 for two

Russian Bear Vodka + 1 litre of Coke or Schweppes Lemonade (2 x 375ml bottles), from Checkers and Makro.

Vodka and soda special at Checkers (left) and Makro (right).

Ultra Liquor's special on the usually R119 bottle of Russian Bear vodka is going for R94.99 - but Checkers and Makro are offering the same bottle together with chaser or mixer, depending on how you roll, a 1-litre bottle of Coke or Schweppes Lemonade) for R99.

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