(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
  • Private school Bishops is in the news after its water polo coach resigned amid allegations that she had a relationship with a pupil. 
  • The school is Cape Town’s most expensive boys school, with fees around R150,000 a year. 
  • The principal previously told Business Insider that the school tries to create “good men”.
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Until recently Bishops Diocesan College was best known for the price of its tuition and its string of famous former pupils, including businessman Raymond Ackerman, entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth, cricket player Herschelle Gibbs, rugby player Francois Louw and comedian Conrad Koch. 

But right now it is in the news for the resignation of water polo coach Fiona Viotti, who left after reports emerged that she had had a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old pupil.

The private school confirmed last week that "several boys have been affected over a number of years" and said a probe was underway, News24 reported.

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Speaking to Business Insider South Africa in 2018, Principal Guy Pearson said the school aims to equip pupils with the necessary skills to become leaders. 

“Most importantly, we want to produce ‘good men’: men who will become good husbands and fathers and good citizens of South Africa and the world,” Pearson said. 

Inside one of the chapels on the school's grounds
Inside one of the chapels on the school's grounds (Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)

Diocesan College, better known as Bishops, was founded by Anglican bishop Robert Gray in Rondebosch in 1849 out of concern for public education in South Africa.

The Christian school is Cape Town’s most expensive boys high school with fees starting at R148,240 in 2019.

It has two water polo pools, cricket and rugby fields, a library, a museum, wifi access, and two chapels. 

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(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)

The tuition excludes additional expenses such as the procurement of a laptop in a pupil’s grade 8 year, uniforms, overseas school trips, and extra mural activities.

Pearson said the school’s finance committee, taking into consideration various criteria, reviews the school fees annually and benchmarks against other independent schools in South Africa. 

(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
(Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)
One of the two swimming pools at the school (Facebook, Bishops Diocesan College)

The Weekend Argus reported that a probe into 30-year-old former water polo coach Viotti revealed that three more pupils may have been affected, with the earliest alleged incident dating back to 2015.

Pearson did not want to comment on any new information, pending the ongoing investigation, saying the school wanted to be fair to all parties, News24 reported.

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