The Okavango Blue (Okavango Diamond Company)
The Okavango Blue (Okavango Diamond Company)
  • A record-breaking blue diamond has been put on display for the first time in Gaborone this week.
  • The oval-shaped blue diamond has the highest clarity rating in the world, and at 20.46 carat, it is also the biggest blue diamond discovered in Botswana.
  • You'd need a 10x magnifier – and know what you're doing – to spot an imperfection in it.
  • Of late, a number of large diamonds have been recovered in the region.
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The biggest blue diamond ever found in Botswana was put on display in Gaborone this week.

The oval-shaped blue diamond of more than 20 carat has a "VVS2" clarity rating from the Gemological Institute of America. This means that its imperfections can only be seen by a skilled grader using 10x magnification. It also means that it is the clearest blue diamond ever discovered, Netwerk24 reported.

At 20.46 carat, it is also the biggest blue diamond ever discovered in Botswana.

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The diamond - named "Okavango Blue" - originates from the Orapa mine, the world's largest diamond mine by area. The mine, controlled by government-owned Debswana, is in central Botswana, about 240km west of Francistow.

The diamond was originally part of this large, uncut stone of 41.11 carat:

blue diamond
(Okavango Diamond Company)

The blue diamond will be used as part of a government-driven marketing campaign for the Botswana diamond industry. The Okavango Diamond Company, the rough diamond marketing company that is wholly owned by the Botswana government, put the diamond on display in Gaborone this week.

It will be sold by the end of the year, Netwerk24 reported.

Recently, a couple of massive diamonds were discovered in Southern African.

Earlier this month, Business Insider SA reported on a 72-carat yellow diamond recovered from the Liqhobong mine in the Maluti mountains in Lesotho. Three other large diamonds were found at the mine recently, following a 910-carat monster from another mine in Lesotho last year. 

Last month, a 425 carat diamond was discovered at a mine in Cullinan in South Africa.

Diamond prices have been under pressure as more companies (including diamond giant De Beers) produce synthetic diamonds. Miners also report weak demand, especially for small stones.

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