Biden administration anniversary video with Tom Hanks mocked for mirroring The Simpsons

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Tom Hanks speaks during the Celebrating America Primetime Special on January 20, 2021. The livestream event hosted by Tom Hanks featured remarks by president-elect Joe Biden and vice president-elect Kamala Harris and performances representing diverse American talent.
  • A Biden Administration anniversary video featuring Tom Hanks is being mocked on Twitter. 
  • Conservative commentators say the video mirrors a scene from The Simpsons Movie.
  • "The Simpsons did it first!" Republican senator Ted Cruz said in a tweet. 
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A White House video promoting the achievements of the Biden administration is being lampooned because it mirrors a scene from the 2007 Simpsons Movie. 

Narrated by Tom Hanks, the Biden video was released to celebrate the President's first anniversary in office, showing everyday Americans —and the President — reflecting on the past 365 days. 

But Conservative commentators were quick to draw comparisons to a scene from The Simpsons Movie in 2007, featuring a cartoon Tom Hanks saying, "Hello, I'm Tom Hanks. The US government has lost its credibility so it's borrowing some of mine." 

"The Simpsons did it first!" Republican senator Ted Cruz exclaimed in a tweet. 

Conservative commentator Matt Whitlock said, "Oh my gosh it's the Simpsons in real life."

Broadcasting the president's promotional video cost several million dollars from Biden's inaugural funds, Axios reports.

Biden's media push is part of a strategy to reverse sinking approval ratings and push his flagging agenda, Insider's Tom Porter reports.

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