Do you have what it takes to be Beyoncé's assistant?

  • A new, very viral choose-your-own-adventure thread on Twitter asks you to decide what you would do if you were Queen Bey's assistant for a day.
  • If you make the right choice (does she want yogurt and strawberries or a 5-star breakfast?) you advance to the next round.
  • As the day goes on, Beyoncé's life becomes more complicated. Eventually, you'll probably get fired.
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It's unclear whether Twitter user "Green Chyna" was trying to break the internet when they posted a choose-your-own-adventure game on Twitter over the weekend. But break it they did, with a series of difficult (and hilarious) questions about what you would do if you were Beyoncé's assistant for a day.

At the time of writing, the first tweet that started the game has about 91,000 retweets and some 239,000 likes. If you want to join the fun, you can start playing along here.

The game starts out simply enough as Beyoncé gets ready and chats with her kids over Apple's FaceTime. It makes very clever use of Twitter itself: Every choice you make takes you to a new Twitter thread, where you see the consequence of each decision play out in the replies.

As the day goes on, Bey's life gets more complicated. I eventually let Beyoncé go to a hotel room by herself, which got her kidnapped, which got me fired. It'll probably happen to you, too.

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