• HSBC Expat released its annual Expat survey to find the cities with the highest expat income and the most job opportunities.  
  • There are cities from all over the world, including the US, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Mumbai, India is one of the best places to live abroad if you want to make more money — the average expat salary is R2.5 million

Everyone has to leave home at some point. But rather than head across the country, some people head across the world in search of greener pastures.

Choosing where to go can be an overwhelming decision. HSBC Expat is making that decision a whole lot easier thanks to its annual survey of 25,000 expats around the world. The survey, released Monday, reveals the best places to live in the world to earn the highest income as an expat. While US cities like San Francisco and New York made the top ten, it seems the direction to move is east. Asian cities made up four of the top ten cities for expat incomes. 

We pulled out the top 30 cities for expat incomes, all of which are above the global average of $99,903 (R1.15 million). Have a look — you might find your new home.

30. Istanbul, Turkey

Mean Income for Expats: $100,577 (R1.2 million)

29. Brussels, Belgium

Mean Income for Expats: $102,482 (R1.2 million)

28. Vienna Austria

Mean Income for Expats: $103,342 (R1.2 million)

27. Auckland, New Zealand

Mean Income for Expats: $107,500 (R1.24 million)

26. London, United Kingdom

Mean Income for Expats: $107,863 (R1.24 million)

25. Sao Paolo

Mean Income for Expats: $113,516 (R1.3 million)

24. Muscat, Oman

Mean Income for Expats: $113,733 (R1.3 million)

23. Oslo, Norway

Mean Income for Expats: $114,538 (R1.3 million)

22. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Mean Income for Expats: $116,679 (R1.34 million) 

21. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Mean Income for Expats: $117,515 (R1.36 million)

20. Singapore

Mean Income for Expats: $117,515 (R1.36 million)

19. Nairobi, Kenya

Mean Income for Expats: $119,182 (R1.38 million)

18. Bangkok

Mean Income for Expats: $119,601 (R1.38 million)

17. Kuwait City, Kuwait

Mean Income for Expats: $123,041 (R1.4 million)

16. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mean Income for Expats: $127,456 (R1.46 million)

15. Doha, Qatar

Mean Income for Expats: $131,408 (R1.5 million)

14. Tokyo, Japan

Mean Income for Expats: $132,508 (R1.5 million)

13. Sydney, Australia

Mean Income for Expats: $134,368 (R1.55 million)

12. Moscow, Russia

Mean Income for Expats: $135,909 (R1.56 million)

11. Dubai

Mean Income for Expats: $138,177 (R1.59 million)

10. Paris, France

Mean Income for Expats: $139,602 (R1.6 million)

9. Hong Kong, China

Mean Income for Expats: $148,410 (R1.7 million)

8. Jakarta, Indonesia

Mean Income for Expats: $152,589 (R1.76 million)

7. Los Angeles

Mean Income for Expats: $161,126 (R1.87 million)

6. New York

Mean Income for Expats: $182,240 (R2.1 million)

5. Geneva

Mean Income for Expats: $184,942 (R2.1 million)

4. Shanghai, China

Mean Income for Expats: $202,211 (R2.3 million)

3. Zurich, Switzerland

Mean Income for Expats: $206,875 (R2.4 million)

2. San Francisco, California

Expats in Mumbai, India earn over $200,000 on average.

Mean Income for Expats: $207,227 (R2.4 million)

1. Mumbai, India

Expats in Mumbai, India earn over $200,000 on average.

Mean Income for Expats: $217,165 (R2.5 million)

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