BP petrol attendant Chancy Kayoka with former Pick

Despite South African petrol price dropping to R13.79 per litre – 0.97c cheaper than what it was a year ago – South Africans still face an uphill financial outlook with a lagging economy.

Most South Africans spend 20% and more on transportation costs each month, StatsSA estimated in 2017.

Business Insider South Africa compared the fuel rewards programmes available in SA to determine where and how to save the most on petrol.

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We found that Discovery Insure offered the highest saving at a possible 50% back per litre – R6.89 at current fuel price levels – but consumers need to have their vehicles insured through Discovery first. 

Click and Pick n Pay both gave 10c savings per litre for those with membership cards. It is free to become a member at each one of these retailers loyalty schemes. Pick n Pay has a 20c per litre savings promotion until the end of March. 

Possible savings were calculated according to the January South African petrol price of R13.79.  

This article has been updated to include fuel rewards from Dischem pharmacies.

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