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These are our favourite Black Friday deals on nappies, coffee, and other groceries

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Black Friday groceries
  • We've been comparing Black Friday prices and specials to find the best discounts on groceries – especially the kind you can stock up on.
  • These are some of the best deals we've seen from Checkers, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Game, Dis-Chem, and other stores.
  • Instant coffee discounts are everywhere, and there are good deals to be had on nappies and toilet paper too.
  • Weet-bix and long-life milk are also seeing strong price competition.
  • Here are our favourite deals for 29 November (and, sometimes, beyond) at the moment, and where you can find them.
  • We'll be updating this page as we find new deals, so bookmark it and check back before you go shopping.
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Last updated: 00:02PM, 29 November 2019.

Highlights from the latest updates:

It is war on Ultra Mel. Boxer pushed what we thought a good price from Shoprite into second place – and was then beaten by a new Pick n Pay price.

Boxer does, however, now have the cheapest 2-ply mini-roll toilet paper offer we've seen.

Pick n Pay has now beaten the already low Ricoffy price (of R60) from Shoprite and Woolworths by another R10.

Follow our live update on Black Friday 2019 here for all the deals, drama, and dodgy "discounts".

The imported American shopping event Black Friday is famous for discounts on electronics and other big-ticket items. But in South Africa we've seen savvy consumers use it as an opportunity to stock up on essentials before the lean months at the beginning of the year – and grocery stores are discounting accordingly.

This year there are some compelling specials on everyday necessities from Checkers, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, and Game, some specific to Black Friday and others available until deep in December.

We've compared all the special deals we can find to search out the top items for kitchen, toilet, and baby on Black Friday 2019.

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We found a lot of offers on instant coffee, strong competition in nappies and washing powder, and different types of toilet paper at prices ranging from pretty good to downright astonishing.

As and when we find better prices, this article will be updated, and we won't keep superseded specials around.

Some of these deals are limited to in-store purchases and don't apply online, and though some stores have and may extend duration, many discounts are limited to Friday 29 November only, and while stocks last.

Chains may limit specials geographically, or to selected stores. We have noted all special conditions we are aware of, but have not verified that each of these discounts are being honoured in stores.

These prices include specials that are available on Black Friday but that are not advertised as such – and you may find better prices in-store or online during other promotions.

We list the best deal we find (or multiple deals where bulk discounts may not be ideal for everyone and in cases where prices from different stores are very close), but can not guarantee that these are the best deals available. We could miss a discount, stores may not advertise them, or prices could change. Nor can we promise you there will not be bigger discounts during later sales such as Cyber Monday or post-Christmas.

Spot a deal that is not listed here? Please mail with the details. 

Here are our top Black Friday grocery deals for 2019.

Toilet paper

There are many toilet paper specials this Black Friday from a variety of stores, some from name brands and others under house brands. Just note that some are for mini rolls, and others for full rolls, which are hard to directly compare.

1-ply standard Twinsaver: R35 for a 8-roll pack (R4.38 per roll) from Game.

2-ply standard: R80 for an 18-roll pack (R4.44 per roll) from Woolworths, or from Pick n Pay.

2-ply minis (200 sheets): R90 for a 36-roll pack from Boxer (R2.50 per roll).

Instant coffee*

Cheap instant coffee is everywhere this Black Friday. These are the deals that caught our attention, and may be worth a trip to a shop you don't normally visit if you are inclined to stock up.

Nescafe Classic 200g: R50 from Spar (you have to be a Spar Rewards member, and the offer excludes decaf) or from Game if you buy two.

Nescafe Gold 200g: R60 from Pick n Pay

Ricoffy 750g: R50 from Pick n Pay.

Jacobs 200g: R60 from Checkers

* See also: South Africa has new draft rules about hot drinks, and Ricoffy, Frisco, and Koffiehuis are definitely not coffee – not even nearly


Disposable nappies can be hard to compare directly in price because of the different pack sizes manufacturers offer, and the different number of nappies in a pack depending on size. We also recognise that bulk deals aren’t for everyone when it comes to fast-growing babies. 

Huggies Pants mega box (ranging from 76 to 120 pants depending on the size): R270 from Game.

Huggies Dry Comfort jumbo pack (ranging from 56 to 94 nappies depending on size): R150 from Pick n Pay.

Huggies Gold jumbo pack (ranging from 52 to 94 nappies depending on size): R190 from Dis-Chem.

Pampers Baby-Dry and Pants mega boxes (ranging from 96 to 150 nappies depending on the size): R300 from Checkers Hyper.

Pampers Premium Care Pants (ranging from 40 to 56 depending on size): R200 from Checkers Hyper.

Pampers Baby-Dry and Pants jumbo packs (ranging from 44 to 96 nappies depending on the size): R185 from Dis-Chem.

Pampers Premium Care: R2.83 per size-3 nappy from Game (for a mega box at R340), or the same price for the smaller value packs at Clicks, for R170. 

Washing powder

Ariel 3kg powder: R65 from Checkers Hyper, or R135 for two (so R67.50 each) from Game.

Surf regular hand washing 3kg: R88 for two (so R44 each) from Game.

Maq hand-washing 2kg: R36 from Pick n Pay.

Omo 3kg auto washing powder: R48 from Pick n Pay.

Other assorted groceries worth a look

Ultra Mel custard 1L: R16 from Pick n Pay, R17 from Boxer (R99 for a box of 6), or R18 from Shoprite. (If you aren't worried about the brand you can also pay an effective R18 per box by buying two Woolworths-brand 1L custards for R36.)

Coke, Fanta, Sprite, and related drinks, 2.25 litre bottle: R12.50 from Spar, or R10.83 from Boxer on bulk deals. (Spar is selling four bottles for R50, while Boxer is selling five bottles for R65, but is throwing in a "free" bottle of Coca-Cola for a total of six.)

Weet-bix: R60 for 1.35kg from Checkers if you are ready for bulk. If not, you can pay R30 for two 450g boxes from Woolworths, or the same R15 per box from Spar if you are a Spar Rewards member.

Long life milk (UHT processed) 6 x 1L: R55 to R58 from Pick n Pay, depending on region, so R9.67 per box. (If you prefer your long-life milk from a brand you know better, you can pay R75, or R12.5 per box, for Parmalat EverFresh from Checkers instead, or R65 for the Woolworths house brand, which comes to R10.83 per box.)

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