Dandelyan, London.

The best bars in the world have been announced – and you might want to update your bucket list.

The winner of The World's Best Bar Award was announced at the iconic Roundhouse in London this week.

This year, the title went to Dandelyan, which is the bar of the Mondrian Hotel in London.

The World's 50 Best Bars is now in its 10th year and is based on the opinions of more than 500 drinks experts who cast seven votes each.

26 cities and 20 countries feature on the list, but it's the USA and the UK that lead the charge with the most bars at 10 each.

Meanwhile, Singapore leads Asia's ranking with five bars featured.

Scroll down to see this year's full list, including 12 new entries, ranked in ascending order.

50. Lost Lake (Chicago, USA)

Clayton Hauck

49. Bar Benfiddich (Tokyo, Japan)

Bar Benfiddich

48. Buck & Breck (Berlin, Germany)

Buck & Breck

47. Salmon Guru (Madrid, Spain)

Copas Con Estilo / YouTube

46. Swift (London, UK)

Kent Wang / Flickr

45. Fifty Mils (Mexico City, Mexico)

Fifty Mils

44. Trick Dog (San Francisco, USA)

43. Schumann's (Munich, Germany)

42. Candelaria (Paris, France)


41. Blacktail (New York, USA)

Sarah Jacobs

40. Tommy's (San Francisco, USA)

39. El Copitas (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

El Copitas / YouTube

38. Indulge Experimental Bistro (Taipei, Taiwan)

Indulge Experimental Bistro

37. Paradiso (Barcelona, Spain)

Dave Pinter / Flickr

36. La Factoria (San Juan, Puerto Rico)

La Factoria

35. Happiness Forgets (London, UK)

Happiness Forgets

34. 28 HongKong Street (Singapore)

33. Little Red Door (Paris, France)

Little Red Door

32. Linje Tio (Stockholm, Sweden)

Linje Tio

31. Tales & Spirits (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Tales & Spirits

30. Black Pearl (Melbourne, Australia)

Black Pearl

29. Three Sheets (London, UK)

Noel Venning

28. Scout (London, UK)

27. Central Station (Beirut, Lebanon)

Central Station

26. Employees Only (New York, USA)

Employees Only/Emilie Baltz

25. Lost & Found (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Lost & Found

24. Le Syndicat (Paris, France)

Le Syndicat

23. Operation Dagger (Singapore)

Operation Dagger

22. Baba Au Rum (Athens, Greece)

Baba Au Rum

21. Sweet Liberty (Miami, USA)

Sweet Liberty

20. Speak Low (Shanghai, China)

Speak Low

19. Himkok (Oslo, Norway)


18. Coupette (London, UK)

Dave O'Brien / Instagram

17. Oriole (London, UK)


16. The Dead Rabbit (New York, USA)

15. Attaboy (New York, USA)


14. Floreria Atlantico (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Floreria Atlantico

13. Native (Singapore)


12. High Five (Tokyo, Japan)

11. Licoreria Limantour (Mexico City, Mexico)

Licoreria Limantour

10. The Old Man (Hong Kong)

The Old Man

9. Dante (New York, USA)


8. Atlas (Singapore)

EK Yap and Atlas Bar

7. The Clumsies (Athens, Greece)

The Clumsies

6. Bar Termini (London, UK)

Bar Termini

5. Connaught Bar (London, UK)

The Connaught Bar

4. The NoMad (New York, USA)

The NoMad

3. Manhattan (Singapore)

Manhattan at Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel

2. American Bar (London, UK)

American Bar at The Savoy

1. Dandelyan (London, UK)

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