Benny, the dog, has skated his way into the world's heart after a video of him celebrating a win by the Vegas Golden Knights went viral.

The rescue pup is owned by former skater, trainer and Golden Knights fan, Cheryl Del Sangro who made the video in homage of her favourite hockey team.

With Benny's new found fame, Del Sangro thought it best to make him some custom skates and actually teach him to skate.

“I was a professional skater. I taught skating for 20 years after that, and so I thought I could probably do it. If I could get a little toddler to skate, I could get Benny to skate,” she says.

Del Sangro took a pair of dog boots and manufactured some dog skates herself.

"They are a work in progress," she says.

"We’re really not finished with them and we are going to keep improving them every day”.

Benny is well trained obedience and other sports, according to Del Sangro, and he’s used to having different things on him, like vests and now the skates.

The pup absolutely loves his private lessons and trains hard to master his skills. The dynamic duo loves to learn new tricks together.

“We are just a good team, I taught him everything.”

Del Sangro fell in-love with Benny after seeing him on a euthanasia list on an animal rescue site in Las Vegas. She reached out to the centre while he was being transported and the rest is history.

"His eyes are just like mirrors to his soul, he just has incredible eyes".

Their dream is to have Benny a routine at a Vegas Golden Knights game. They hope to inspire people and show what adoptable dogs are capable of.

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