Jay Caboz.
Photo Jay Caboz.
  • Nestlé mixed coffee with nougat for a new edition of its Bar One chocolate.
  • Compared with an original Bar One, the new coffee flavour is slightly healthier with less sugar, kilojoules, and fat. 
  • Our tasters said it falls well short of their expectations, though.
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One of SA’s most loved chocolates, the Nestlé Bar One, now comes in a new "limited edition" coffee flavour – but South Africans looking to get more kick out of their 25-hour day will have to look elsewhere.

Nutritionally the new coffee flavoured bar is the slightly healthier option compared with the tried-and-tested classic Bar One which has been on South African shelves since 1965.  

Compared with an original Bar One, the new coffee flavoured Bar One comes in at 19 kilojoules (kj) less overall, is 0.3 grams (g) lighter on sugar, and contains 0.7g less in total fats.

Jay Caboz.
Photo Jay Caboz.

A 55 g serving of coffee flavour Bar One is packed with 1047 kj, enough to supply a grown adult with 12% of their recommended daily energy allowance. 

Jay Caboz
Nutrition comparison.

Business Insider South Africa gave a bowl of the coffee infused treat to a handful of hungry sweet toothed journalists.

Our tasters were not told what the new flavour was, and were asked to give their honest impressions.

While it might be slightly healthier, our tasters found the coffee flavour fell well short.

“I don't really like it. It’s got a bit of an odd aftertaste, almost a bit coffee like,” said one taster.

“At first I thought it was toffee, but then I definitely could taste the coffee,” said another.

Jay Caboz.
Photo Jay Caboz.

Most of our tasters said the coffee flavour was too subtle.

Our test group all accurately guessed the flavour, but most were disappointed that there was not enough kick to coffee.

“It was nice, but I would rather just have a cup of coffee,” said one.

"While it didn’t punch me in the face, the chocolate was rich and tasty. So not bad," said another taster.

“I didn’t initially [spot it] - the taste is really subtle and comes through afterwards – as in after I’ve chewed and swallowed,” said a fourth.

Jay Caboz.
Photo Jay Caboz.

Verdict: underwhelming.

Jay Caboz.
Photo Jay Caboz.

When asked if they would opt to choose the coffee flavour over a traditional Bar One, most said they would stick to the classic.

“It’s nice, but it’s too close to the original flavour. It needs just a little more to have that defining difference. It doesn’t make me really want to choose one over the other. I would buy either one. If a store were out of stock of the original, I wouldn’t have an issue buying this variant,” said one tester.

“Na,” said another.

“Not even close,” said a third.

"Nah. The original bar one with its toffee flavour still comes out tops," said another.

It wasn’t all bad news for Bar One. It did manage to win over one fan, who admitted to liking anything with coffee, even if its in chocolate. 

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