In 2005 famed street artist Banksy smuggled a lump of concrete into the British Museum. In September it will be returning there – this time as a legitimate part of an exhibition dealing with subversion.

Pekham Rock, featuring a drawing of a prehistoric-looking figure pushing a shopping cart, was on display for three days before staff noticed it didn't fit and removed it.

Even the information label seemed legitimate – and curators only noticed the hoax when Banksy challenged people to find it. 

The incident was a considerable embarrassment for the venerable institution.


Now it will return to display, formally, as part of a collection on subversion curated by Ian Hislop.

The spread of objects is large: from a first-century lamp showing Cleopatra having sex with a crocodile to a pink knitted hat depicting female genitalia worn at a 2017 march opposed to Donald Trump.

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