• The Avios Travel Rewards Programme is closing down in South Africa.
  • From 31 March 2019 you won’t be able to collect points at BP anymore.
  • You can choose to either spend what you have or migrate your points to a British Airways Executive Account.

Come 31 May 2019, the Avios Travel Rewards programme will no longer be available in South Africa – meaning no more points can be collected from filling up at BP service stations or by booking flights.

The Avios programme, which is used by British Airways, will be finding a new home instead, the British Airways Executive Club.

Until now, the Avios.com scheme operated separately to the British Airways Executive Club scheme, meaning customers who have both are accumulating points in two schemes.

Here is what you have to know about the end of Avios in South Africa. 

Any Avios points remaining in your account at the end of May 2019 will be lost, unless you migrate... 

To open an Executive Club account to migrate points to, you can use this link.

Customers who already have an Executive Club account as well as an Avios.com account will need to transfer their points over themselves by the end of May, in line with the international migration.

... or spend them to buy credits with kulula's 'Travel Bank'.

You can spend your Avios on kulula.com flights by first converting them to credits with the kulula Travel Bank. Kulula promises that its Travel Bank credits will never expire, so you can use your Avios in perpetuity to book flights – no car bookings or holiday packages – with kulula.

The exchange rate is R60 per 1,000 Avios points.

You will not be able to collect points from BP and others after March next year.

The bombshell change for long-term members is that there will no longer be Avios points available from filling up at BP. BP has instead partnered with Pick n Pay Smart Shopper.

You will also no longer be able to collect Avios with Pick n Pay, Wine-of-the-Month Club, or Sotheby's – none of them will be British Airways Executive Club collection partners.

Avios credit cards will no longer get you points.

If you have an Avios Credit Card, from 31 March 2019, you won’t be able to collect Avios when you use it.

British Airways Executive Club Members have the option to apply for a British Airways Credit Card issued by Absa bank. For others, Avios promises "some exciting options" that will be coming from banks.

For more information on the restructure, see the explainer webpage: Important news - the Avios Travel Rewards Programme in South Africa is closing

* Correction: some of the dates in this article have been corrected to reflect the dates by which point collection end and the dates when points will be forfeited.

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