Laetitia Ky's Marc Jacobs campaign.
Laetitia Ky/Instagram

  • Laetitia Ky is an artist and activist from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, who makes incredible hair sculptures with her locs.
  • Her gravity-defying sculptures, which can take up to three hours to create, have gained her TikTok stardom.
  • Ky's artistry recently got the attention of Marc Jacobs, who asked her to promote three of the brand's new handbags.
  • Ky told Insider she uses her hair sculptures and platform to promote African and Black pride, and that she wants to "help people not be afraid to express themselves."
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Laetitia Ky is an Ivorian artist and activist who became an Instagram and TikTok star after she shared photos and videos of breathtaking hair sculptures that she creates with her locks.

Ky's sculptures are created using her own hair, but she also uses extensions, threads, and wires to shape them. Some sculptures are created in just 30 minutes, while others can take more than three hours.

Ky started making and documenting her hair sculptures in 2016

Ky told Insider that initially, she didn't plan to make the hair sculptures "her thing."

However, in 2017, a series of 12 photos she posted of her hair sculpted into the shape of hands got a lot of attention on social media.

"That's when I started to receive messages from Black women telling me that what I was doing was helping them to feel more confident and to feel better about their skin and their hair," she said. "That's when it became serious for me."

Ky recently got noticed by designer Marc Jacobs, who asked her to promote three of the brand's new handbags

Ky said the collaboration was a "dream come true," and that the brand let her style the bags however she wanted.

Ky's hair held the Marc Jacobs Quilted Softshot 21 bag.
Laetitia Ky/Instagram

"It is always a big bonus when a client trusts you enough to let you do you,'" Ky said.

She added that she was touched when Jacobs told her that he was "in love" with her creations.

Ky styled her hair to say "MJ" for Marc Jacobs.
Laetitia Ky/Marc Jacobs

The photos from the campaign, which Ky shared via Instagram on July 23, show her hair styled in a variety of shapes, including a dog popping out of a tote bag, a hand holding a crossbody bag, and the letters "MJ" for Marc Jacobs.

Ky styled her hair in the shape of a dog.
Laetitia Ky/Marc Jacobs

Ky also uses her hair sculptures to empower women and advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement

Ky said that when she realised her hair art inspired others, she started using her platform to share messages that were meaningful to her.

"I started talking about my experience as an African woman in the world or my point of view about some subject," she said.

She added that she wants her art to "promote African and Black pride."

Representatives for Marc Jacobs did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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