World's Strongest Fan via Youtube
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger took a flying kick in the back at an event in South Africa on Saturday.
  • Judging by the video, anyone else would have been bruised – or would at least have noticed.
  • But Schwarzenegger said he thought it was just normal jostling.
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Politician, bodybuilder, and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger took a flying kick right in the back on Saturday – and didn't really notice.

The star was attending the Arnold Classic Africa Multisport Festival and Trade Expo in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the differently abled, children, parents, and pensioners are encouraged to join a “Come & Try” programme to expose them to different sports. 

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Schwarzenegger was apparently in the middle of a Snapchat when a man ran up to him, across a floor where children were skipping rope, and delivered a flying kick in the back.

Watch the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger being kicked in the back here:

The man is immediately wrestled to the ground while shouting somewhat unintelligibly – possibly that he needs a Lamborghini.

While the kick looks like it connects solidly, the video shows Schwarzenegger return to a table to watch proceedings, shaking hands, and then leaving the venue while walking normally. 

He later said on Twitter that he hadn't noticed the kick at all – and that "there is nothing to worry about".

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