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Watch the emotional video of people sharing how the Apple Watch saved their lives

Mary Meisenzahl , Business Insider US
 Sep 12, 2019, 05:16 PM
A father connected his headphones to his Apple Watch to allow his son to run without distraction.
  • Apple interviewed people who have used the health features on the Apple Watch on camera to see how it improved their lives.
  • The video premiered at Tuesday's Apple event, where the company debuted a new Apple Watch, a new iPad, and three new iPhones.
  • The Apple Watch monitors your heart rate, and alerts users when something is wrong.
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At it's iPhone launch event on Tuesday, Apple debuted a moving video of real-life users whose lives have been impacted by the Apple Watch.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on stage that he hears from users every day who say the heart rate monitoring feature on the Apple Watch saved their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. Apple interviewed several such people on camera, who said the watch helped them avoid health disasters.

One man said he was wearing his Apple Watch when he fell during a run. The watch automatically called 911, as well as his wife. He reflected on how the watch saved his life: "When I think about what happened and what could've happened ..."

Others in the video had similar reactions. A new mother said that at 32 weeks pregnant, "My heart rate was spiking, and it was causing the baby's heart rate to get lower and lower. So, emergency C-section and she was born." She showed her goosebumps to the camera, then asked her baby daughter to wave.

In another useful feature for parents, a man with hearing impairment explained how his watch notifies him when his son wakes up in his crib. Another dad explained how he uses the watch the help his son, who is on the autism spectrum, compete in cross-country races without distraction. 

Users were full of praise for ways the Apple Watch improved their lives, both big and small. A man who nearly had a heart attack said, "It's not something you think of, your watch saving your life," while a woman tracking her health on her watch said, "It's this little reminder, you could do a little better today."

You can watch the full video below:

The Apple Watch Series 5, which was announced Tuesday, comes with 18-hour battery life and an always-on Retina display. All cellular models also now have international emergency calling capability worldwide, even without your iPhone.

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