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  • Several iPhone 8 users reported inactive touch screens after updating their cellphones. 
  • The problem seems to be limited to phones with screens repaired by a third party.
  • WeFix COO Grant Webster suggests waiting for the next iOS update.

iPhone 8 users will be better off waiting for the next iOS update and skipping the one currently available for their phones, Grant Webster, COO of repair service WeFix says.

Several iPhone 8 users reported broken screens after Apple’s latest iOS 11.3 software update.

The issue appears to be isolated to iPhone 8 users who had their screens repaired by a third-party.

Webster believes the inactive screens are only temporary, but recommends skipping the update anyway.

“It is highly unlikely that this is a permanent issue,” Webster says. “Don't panic.” 

He says touchscreen functionality is just one of a host of bugs reported with the iOS 11.3 update. 

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“To say that this update targets third-party screens is simply not correct,” Webster told Business Insider South Africa. 

 “We’re seeing reports of slower Wi-Fi connectivity, new emojis not displaying correctly, random reboots, certain apps not opening or crashing regularly, keyboard bugs and the list continues.”

Webster suggests users hold-off updating their iPhones until Apple has ironed out software issues. 

He said WeFix has already distributed internal communication with instructions not to update client devices to iOS 11.3.

 “As a rule, I tend not to install any iOS update until bugs are ironed out, usually after two to three weeks,” Webster says.  

“I check online to see if any bugs are still reported, and then only proceed with updates because there’s nothing worse than an inexplicably slow or malfunctioning device that runs out of battery by lunchtime.”

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