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Apple is holding an event on March 27 — and it looks like new iPads are coming

Avery Hartmans , Business Insider US
 Mar 16, 2018, 04:43 PM


Apple is holding an event on March 27, possibly to release new hardware products.

On Friday, Apple began sending out press invitations to an event in Chicago at the end of March.

The invitation, which reads, "Let's take a field trip," is drawn in a calligraphic style, which implies Apple may be releasing a new Apple Pencil — and with it, a new iPad. 

The bottom of the invitation also says "Join us to hear creative new ideas from teachers and students," leading us to believe there might also be some focus on education. In 2012, Apple held an event in New York City to talk about education, where it unveiled its iBooks 2 platform, its tool for making and publishing books online, but even that event was all about the iPad. This one will likely be similar.

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