20g brewers
20g brewers "Inkunzi malanga” dry yeast.
  • Anchor Yeast has stopped the sale of its brewer's "Inkunzi malanga” dry yeast.
  • The yeast is a popular ingredient in home-brewed beer - which is hot demand amid the alcohol restrictions during national lockdown. 
  • After a "massive surge" in demand for its baking yeast during lockdown, it has ramped up production.
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Anchor Yeast has stopped the sale and distribution of its brewer's "Inkunzi malanga” dry yeast.

The 20g product has been in hot demand as South Africans scramble to make  home-brewed beer during the national lockdown. No alcohol sales are currently allowed. 

Anchor Yeast consumer director Joanne Clarke said in line with the disaster regulations governing the lockdown, and following legal consultation, Anchor has put on hold the distribution of the yeast product. 

Clarke said the Inkunzi Malanga yeast has been used for the last forty-five years to brew traditional or craft beer.

It has a different formulation from the standard baking yeast, to produce more foam and a distinctly sour taste. 

“We understand that this will be upsetting for some people but are advised to adhere to the spirit of the legislation, rather than just the letter of it,” Clarke said. 

Clarke said Anchor Yeast has also seen “a massive surge” in people baking at home during lockdown, which has created a shortage of Anchor Yeast products. 

However, she said Anchor Yeast has stepped up production and yeast for baking. Its yeast should now be freely available.

Since the ban on liquor sales, many South Africans have attempted to make their own liquor. Google searches about how to do this have surged during lockdown.

Many people tried to make beer from pineapples which are naturally rich in sugars required for fermentation.

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