Fikile Mbalula receiving his vitamin IV drip on Thursday afternoon (Twitter, @Revivsa)
  • Fikile Mbalula received an IV drip worth R2,999 from REVIV Southern Africa on Thursday afternoon.
  • The drip promises to boost a patient’s immune system, relieve pain and increase energy.
  • But there may be no proof that the drips are beneficial if you don't have a medical deficiency.

A vitamin intravenous (IV) drip worth R2,999 was administered to former police minister and ANC head of elections Fikile Mbalula on Thursday afternoon. 

The Royal Flush treatment from REVIV Southern Africa promises to boost a patient’s immune system, relieve pain and increase energy. 

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REVIV tweeted a picture of Mbalula on Thursday afternoon, and in a subsequent comment said the treatment will revive "your body and keep you going.”

“He looks like they told him mimic that poster above [him],” @Zanarisv replied to REVIV’s tweet.

@SikeeDlanga said: “This is going to become a successful meme,”

Sayed Mia, CEO of REVIV Southern Africa, previously told Business Insider South Africa that he has seen exponential demand for IV drips in South Africa since their launch here in 2015.

REVIV operates IV spas in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

“We all suffer from fatigue and stress and the IVs help us get back to our best,” Mia said.

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The drip, which is specifically prepared for a client after a medical screening, takes between 30 to 45 minutes to administer and should be taken every three to four weeks according to REVIV.

Clients “enjoy” the drip in massage chairs, with access to wifi and a selection of drinks on offer.

“It's the experience that we give clients that keeps bringing them back,” Mia said.

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But Irene Labuschagne, a dietitian at the Nutrition Information Centre of Stellenbosch University (NICUS) said there have been “repeated calls of caution” over the use of vitamin IV drips in South Africa for people who don't have a medical deficiency.

“Especially in relation to the documented lack of information on the safety of some, if not all, of these products,” Labuschagne told Business Insider South Africa. 

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