Tarryn, Gumtree, Honda Civic
  • A woman apparently listed her boyfriend's car on Gumtree after he cheated on her.
  • And she might not even be in any trouble for doing it. 
  • It is not clear whether the car was sold, but it is no longer on Gumtree's site.

The social news platform Reddit was abuzz last week after a Cape Town woman apparently listed her boyfriend's car on Gumtree, because he had cheated on her.

The woman, identified as Tarryn on the post, wanted a quick sale of the 1999 Honda Civic Vtec hatchback. She added that she had "no time for time-wasters".

It wasn't clear whether it was her car to sell, but that will only be picked up following complaints by Gumtree users.

After numerous attempts, Business Insider South Africa was able to get hold of the woman.

"I am not selling a car, someone did some sort of ad. I am not selling a car," she said before hanging up. It is not clear how the ad came to be on Gumtree as well as the circumstances around why her name and number were added to it.

However, had she been the one selling the vehicle, it would not have been entirely illegal.

"The assumption is that you are authorised to sell the item you post," Gumtree's brand marketing manager, Estelle Nagel, told Business Insider SA.

"If the community feels that an advert is misleading or fraudulent, then we remove the advert and take further steps against the imposter."

This varies from case to case.

"If we believe that the person is unauthorised to sell the item, we remove the listing and, possibly, prohibit them from posting on our platform in the future.

Also, if a party (whose items are being sold) lays a criminal charge against the seller, it would be a police matter and Gumtree will work directly with the police.

According to Nagel, Gumtree has a team that responds to flagged adverts and complaints as well as automated software that picks up such adverts.

As for whether what Tarryn did is allowed, Gumtree said that it boiled down to a number of factors including who the legal owner of the vehicle is. 

The advert is no longer on Gumtree's website, however they are investigating how it got there.

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