This vast locomotive hall from the 1930s has been converted into a modern-day library. 

Found in Tilburg, the Netherlands, it shows that libraries don't have to be stuffy, boring places.

It is the brainchild of architect Ingid van der Heijden who wanted to promote communication between others.

Here visitors can experience different labs to learn new things from tech to electronics.

One lab is equipped with a 3D printer, another has a green studio and if you are up for it there are VR headsets where you can experience the world of virtual reality.

Europe is seeing more and more spaces becoming hubs for communication and culture.

Another library in Stuttgart, Germany is experimenting with open structures and communicative exchange. Here visitors can make use of a sound studio, a rooftop terrace and a cafe, in addition to its books.

In Bilbao, Spain, visitors can go to the Azkuna Zentroa cultural centre for the same type of experience. They even have their own video game area, where you can play and rent out games.

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