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UK people are outraged over TikTok of a US woman making ‘British tea’ in microwave

Monica Humphries , Business Insider US
 Jun 12, 2020, 03:22 PM
The American living in the UK showed viewers how to make "British tea."
  • An American TikTok user showed people how to make "British tea," and people in the UK are baffled.
  • The video features the woman and her daughter warming up a mug of water in the microwave and adding in an abundance of milk and sugar.
  • The video has been viewed over 775,000 times on TikTok, and it was also shared on Twitter, where users were quick to share their thoughts on the tutorial.
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Tea time in Michelle's family involves a microwave and copious amounts of milk and sugar.

Michelle shares videos across YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter depicting her life as an American living in the UK. While her videos often feature her family trying foods like crumpets or crisps, her most recent tea tutorial caused an uproar.

"Everyone wanted to see me make hot tea, or 'British tea,' so today we are going to make tea," Michelle says in the TikTok video, which she also shared on Twitter.

Right from the start, many Twitter users did not approve of Michelle's tutorial, as she decided against using a kettle. Some replied that they "died inside," "cried," and that they've "never felt so disrespected in my life."

Most people lost all hope as she popped the mug of water into the microwave and set it for one minute.

But for the tea enthusiasts who continued to watch, the video only got worse.

Michelle's daughter proceeded to pour a liberal amount of milk into the cup. She dropped in a tea bag and then added an abundance of sugar.

"And that's how you make hot tea," Michelle said at the end of the tutorial.

But this isn't the first time the American TikTok user has caused an uproar over tea. Her previous video, "How I as an American make tea," involves, once again, a whole lot of sugar.


How I as an American make tea d ##americanintheuk @mleemaster10

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