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  • A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) inspection of the technical maintenance division of South African Airways saw British Airways,, and SAA cancel 12 flights on Tuesday.
  • Comair, the operator of Kulula and BA in South Africa, said it expects disruptions only for Tuesday – but with details still scarce it was not clear when affected planes would be back in the air.
  • Here are all 12 flights that have been cancelled so far.
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Update: At 9:30AM Comair released the following statement: "We can confirm that four of the affected aircraft have been released back into service and we are expecting the full fleet to be back in operation by tomorrow morning."

SAA's low-cost brand Mango on Tuesday confirmed it had not cancelled any flights. "Where necessary, capacity was leased from other providers," Mango said.

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South African Airways,, and British Airways in South Africa on Tuesday cancelled a total of 12 scheduled flights after an inspection by the SA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) flagged issues at SAA Technical, which services planes for all three airlines.

Between them the airlines cancelled seven flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town, three between Durban and Johannesburg, one between Durban and Lanseria, and one from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg.

Comair, the operator of and BA in SA, said it is "currently only anticipating disruptions for today". But with neither the CAA nor airlines providing detailed information, it remained hard to predict when affected planes would be back in the air.

In terse statements, SAA said it had made "a decision to recall some of its aircraft to undertake compliance verification", while Comair said "affected aircraft may not be flown".

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Both appeared to be acting on the basis of the same notice issued to SAA Technical after an audit of maintenance procedures.

Kulula said the CAA had made "irregular findings" during an audit of SAA Technical. SAA said only that the inspection "conducted by SACAA was in accordance with its regulations and a necessary exercise to ensure compliance and safety".

By 9:00 neither the airlines nor the CAA had provided the notice in question, identified the actual aircraft affected, or provided details of the issue.

These are the 12 flights cancelled on Tuesday after an inspection of SAA Technical by the Civil Aviation Authority:


SA 313, Johannesburg to Cape Town

SA 326, Cape Town to Johannesburg

SA 543, Johannesburg to Durban

SA 550, Durban to Johannesburg

MN504, Durban to Lanseria

British Airways

BA6400, Cape Town to Johannesburg

BA6441, Johannesburg to Cape Town

BA6200, Durban to Johannesburg

BA6232, Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg

BA6406, Cape Town to Johannesburg

BA6413, Johannesburg to Cape Town

BA6414, Cape Town to Johannesburg

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