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What a week it's been for Amazon. The company accustomed to being slobbered over by local municipalities got a cold welcome when it tried to expand to New York City, and ended up pulling out. It was another sign that the public's goodwill toward big tech is fading.

Amazon's business will be just fine without New York City. But more crucial to its business, and less publicly, it's trying to become the third player in digital advertising behind Google and Facebook. Advertisers have found it tough to parse all Amazon's ad formats, though.

Amazon's latest attempt to expand its ad business, with video search ads, is running into obstacles with advertisers. As Lauren Johnson reported last week, advertisers have issues with the price, creative demands, and data limitations. "It's not something that we have clients clamouring for," Nich Weinheimer, VP of e-commerce at Kenshoo, a company that helps marketers plan and buy digital ads.

That kind of challenge is giving rise to tech companies that are emerging to help marketers leverage Amazon, Tanya Dua reported.

Amazon needs to get formats like this one right if it's going to expand beyond performance ads.

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