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A Trump official is in trouble for spending R200,000 on an ostrich leather jacket – he should have shopped in South Africa, where it costs much less

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 Aug 06, 2018, 05:34 PM
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort wearing a different jacket in 2017. Getty Images
  • The former chair of US president Donald Trump's election campaign is currently on trial for fraud. 
  • The prosecution revealed that Paul Manafort spent more than R200,000 ($15,000) on an ostrich-leather jacket.
  • He would have forked out less than R40,000 in South Africa, one expert in the industry says. 

Last week, Paul Manafort, the former election campaign chair for US president Donald Trump, appeared in court on bank fraud, tax fraud, and money laundering charges.

But what really raised eyebrows during the start of the trial in Virginia was the revelation, made during the prosecution's opening argument, that Manafort spent more than R200,000 ($15,000) on a jacket "made from an ostrich".

A photo, released by the prosecution of, Paul Manafort's ostrich jacket.

Manafort stands accused of bank and tax fraud for allegedly concealing tens of millions of dollars from his contracted work for a pro-Russian Ukrainian leader. When he stopped receiving payments, he allegedly lied about his income in order to get approved for bank loans in the US.

Manafort is a subject in the US special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, but his current trial pertains to his alleged financial crimes. He faces another trial in September on charges he failed to register as a foreign lobbyist

The internet also appeared to put Manafort on trial for his fashion choices after the Department of Justice released images of his ostrich leather jacket:

While its not known who sold Manafort the jacket, there is a fair chance that the controversial leather jacket (or at least its leather) originated from South Africa.

South Africa is the world leader in ostrich production with 75% of global market share. Some 90% of South African ostrich meat and products are exported, which earned some R58 million last year.

According to Mariska Coetzee, spokesperson of the high-end exotic leather goods producer Cavalli, an extra-large ostrich leather jacket for a man would normally retail in SA for a maximum of R38,000.

“Ostrich leather is considered a precious material – and that not everyone can afford it. It is much more expensive than python and anaconda, and is ranked third in terms of cost after crocodile and alligator leather respectively,” Coetzee told Business Insider South Africa.

“Ostrich leather contains natural oils which mean it resists cracking and stiffness. (It is) luxurious, soft, supple, and thick, featuring an exotic goose bump appearance from the large feather quill follicles." 

A single ostrich will deliver more than four meters of leather.

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