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  • SA food hauler AfriAg Global PLC is seeking a licence to grow dagga in the UK.
  • The company has engaged London office of law firm, Hill Dickinson LLP, to assist with the process.
  • The company comes from humble beginnings in 2013 when two businessmen began flying fresh African fruit and vegetables to supermarkets in Europe.

SA food hauler AfriAg Global PLC this week announced it is seeking a licence to cultivate and produce dagga in the United Kingdom.

The London-listed global food and logistics group announced that it has formally engaged the London office of law firm Hill Dickinson LLP to run the application process to become a licensed cultivator and producer in the UK of medicinal cannabis. 

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AfriAg said the UK is one of the world’s largest producers of legal medicinal cannabis under special licences granted by the UK Government.

“I have extensive experience in the global legal medical cannabis sector, having assisted with financing medical cannabis operations in Jamaica, Australia, Canada and Europe, and the board see a huge opportunity here for AfriAg Global to help the UK increase its global market presence in this very exciting and fast-growing sector,” said David Lenigas, executive chair of AfriAg Global.

The company comes from humble beginnings when two businessmen, Lenigas in London and Paul de Robillard in Johannesburg, began hauling and flying fresh African fruit and vegetables to supermarkets in Europe in 2013.

Now they operate one of the largest air carriers of perishable goods from southern Africa to all around the globe.

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Medicinal cannabis has been under the spotlight in the UK following a high-profile case of a 12-year-old boy with severe epilepsy who was denied access to cannabis oil, prompting a national debate and reviews by experts, according to Reuters.

Britain proposed in July to allow doctors to prescribe medicinal cannabis starting this year.  

Recreational use of cannabis is still prohibited in the UK, much like in South Africa.

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