A salmon cannon was developed to help fish pass over dams has become a viral sensation across the world.

Designed by the aptly named Whoosh innovations, the fish transport system uses soft tubes to move fish from water below a dam to spawning grounds above. People find it mesmerizing to watch.

The selective fish passage system is said to be a safer and effective way to help with fish migration cutting costs by 60-80% less than current fish passage methods, like fish ladders which are artificial structures put in place for the same purpose as the salmon cannon. 

The salmon cannon can also help to cull out non-native species that wreak havoc on local habitat and increase predation on native species, claims the company. Which means safer and easier passage for fish heading for spawning grounds, aiding fisheries restoration and protein needs for a growing human population.  

The system is modular, adaptable, and portable - minimizing costly civil work.

 “This system was highly effective in rapidly moving large salmon through a 12 metre long tube. Moving large fish without water offers a huge advantage, particularly in recirculating systems, because typical 30 centimetre diameter fish pumps can require a flow of more than 4,000 litres minute to move fish,” Dr Steve Summerfelt, The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute.

Their website states they can also use remote monitoring, significantly lowering annual maintenance and operating costs.

A video of the salmon cannon has since gone viral.

And it wasn’t long before the internet set it to catchy tunes: 

Or this Palpatine scream:

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