Specialized Turbo Creo SL
Specialized Turbo Creo SL
  • American bicycle brand Specialized has revealed its first ever range of electric road bikes, which will be available in South Africa by November.
  • The bike design integrates contemporary carbon-fibre road bike design with the latest electric drive technology.
  • The battery powered assistance is about equal to a professional road cyclist’s energy output.
  • It will be available in South Africa for R125,000 a bike.
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American bicycle brand Specialized has revealed its first ever range of electric road bikes, which will be available in South Africa by November.

Two years after the launch of the Levo battery-assisted mountain bike range, Specialized will now offer customers who want to do outrageous mileages in record time new electrically-powered road bike options.

It took engineers years, tallying the most expensive research and development budget in Specialized’s history, to make the Turbo Creo SL. It reconfigures everything you knew about carbon-fibre road bikes.

Meticulous design hides the battery and electric motor technology in an unobtrusive manner, adding minimal weight for the benefit of up to 130km of assisted range. Somehow they've managed to squeeze a 1.8 kilogram (kg) battery and a 1.95kg electric motor into the 12.2kg bike – and it is capable of some extraordinary riding statistics.

Specialized has been developing its electric bicycle assistance motors for the last decade and they are engineered to function in a discreet but powerful manner, adding 240 watts of assistance, which is about what a Tour de France rider averages in pedalling output. The motor will only function if a rider is pedalling and in case you run of battery power completely. There is an ‘off’ function which decouples the system and allows one to pedal home without any motor drag.

It is very unlikely that riders will run out of range. The main battery offers 130km of riding assistance and you have the option of extending that range with ingenious water bottle shaped plug-in batteries, mounted in the frame’s bottle cages. One of these range extenders adds another 65km of electrically assistance riding which gives the Creo SL 195km of endurance, which is a rather big day, even for the most ardent road rider.

The Turbo Creo SL’s electric motor disengages if a rider passes 45kph. To completely recharge the bike’s battery from a wall socket requires two and half hours.

Specialized envision their Turbo Creo SL as the ultimate training tool for those riders who have limited time but wish to ride great distances or a succession of challenging climbs.

It would also deputise as an extraordinarily efficient commuter bike for prospective owners who have quality bike lane infrastructure.

Specialized expects its first local consignment of Creo SL Expert Carbon models to arrive by November, priced at R125,000 per bike. 

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