The Flyboard Air. Photo Zapata
  • A man was spotted flying on a hoverboard during the Singapore F1 race over the weekend.
  • Inventor Frank Zapata calls it the "Flyboard Air".
  • It has travelled up to 165km/h, and reaches a maximum height of 150m – during its six minutes of flight time.

Onlookers watched mouths agape as a man flew high above the Marina Bay waters during the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix on the weekend.

The flyer, Frank Zapata, was invited to perform and showcase his invention for the Singapore Grand Prix. 

He invented the jet-powered hoverboard himself, and calls it the "Flyboard Air".  The hoverboard is powered by turbine engines that run on Kerosene or Jet B fuel. It can carry a person who weighs as much as 100kg. Zapata is not selling the Flyboard Air, though you can get your hands on some of his other inventions. 

All we can say is eat your heart out Marty McFly, those wimpy "Back to the Future" hoverboards look like they are standing still by comparison. 

Here is how it works.

He has also flown it over the Moto Gp in Le Mans.

About two weeks ago, Zapata posted a video of himself zipping through the air and racing with a supercar at 165km/h. 

According to his website, the Flyboard Air can reach a maximum height of 150 metres – with a flight time of six minutes.  

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