16-year-old Joseph Saelee just walked away as the Tetris world champion in a nail biting final at the Classic Tetris World Championships in Portland, United States. 

Saelee beat 7-time world champion Jonas Neubauer, in the classic brick building Nintendo version of used since 1990.  

Today’s Classic Tetris tournaments are played using that same version of Classic Nintendo Tetris, using original NES game systems, controllers, and Tetris cartridges.

According to the tournament organisers the history of the championship dates back to 1990, when Tetris was the game to beat. It was given a new lease on life after a player, Harry Hong, became the first to achieve the highest possible score of 999,999 points.

The achievement inspired filmmaker Adam Cornelius, who produced a short film about Harry called “Max-Out”, and launched a Kickstarter campaign to document the world of competitive Tetris. News of Conerlius’ Kickstarter campaign spread, and rumours of max-outed scores from other Tetris Masters began to surface.

It lead to the tournament being reestablished, to decide who was really the ultimate champion, and has been running from the Portland Retro Gaming Expo since 2012.

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