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An Airbnb management company says the Queen could make over R18 million a night if she listed Buckingham Palace

Mikhaila Friel , Business Insider US
 Apr 01, 2019, 05:55 PM
  • An Airbnb management company calculated that the Queen could make more than R18 million per day if she rented out Buckingham Palace.
  • GuestReady says that a stay in one of the palace's royal bedrooms could cost you more than R56,000 per night on the rental platform, based on the prices of luxury properties in the area.
  • Buckingham Palace is currently undergoing a R5 billion renovations project that could take up to 10 years to complete.

The Queen could make more than $1.3 million (R18 million) a night if she listed Buckingham Palace on Airbnb, according to new data.

That's right - an Airbnb management company has calculated roughly how much it would cost you if you swapped out your standard apartment or hotel suite for a room in the palace - or the entire thing. Unsurprisingly, it wouldn't come cheap.

According to figures from GuestReady, the monarch could charge a daily rate of £3,570 (R50,000) for one of the 52 royal bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the palace's garden would rent for £400,000 (R6 million) while the 19 staterooms could go for £16,000 (R566,000) each.

The company estimated the total daily rate of £1,034,291 (R15 million) based on event spaces, flats, and hotel suites in the area that provide the same standard of luxury.

The palace is not only the administrative headquarters of the monarchy and the Queen's private residence.

It also has an impressive total of 775 rooms, and boasts a private movie theatre, an indoor swimming pool, a post office and a medical centre.

The palace is currently undergoing a £369 million (R5 billion) makeover which could take a decade to finish. It comes after reports by specialists that without "urgent work" there is a "risk of serious damage" to the building through a devastating fire or water damage.

It seems unlikely the Buckingham Palace Hotel could become a reality anytime soon - but if you like the idea of seeing behind the palace walls, the royal family recently released a behind-the-scenes video showing how the Queen's butlers navigate the winding corridors of the building.

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