The two got back together.

  • A 25-year-old woman weaves intricate narratives around Barbie dolls on her Instagram account @ellie.from.finland.
  • The dolls have complicated backstories and personal lives.
  • On Christmas Eve, one of the Ken dolls was murdered, shocking the page's 46,000 human followers.
  • Henna Kiili, the woman behind the account, says she loves creating these narratives, and also makes money from advertising on her account and selling miniatures.
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Henna Kiili, 25, weaves intricate narratives with Mattel's Barbie dolls on her Instagram account @ellie.from.finland. Posting at a breakneck pace, using dolls, miniatures, and her phone's camera and editing apps, Kiili has unfurled the story of Ellie and her husband Damon's plastic lives, amassing an active community of over 46,000 human followers.

But Ellie's draw isn't the smoothed-over plastic life of an average influencer. Instead, Ellie's appeal lives in her more human qualities.

This was on full display in a stunning plot twist for Ellie on Christmas Eve, when Damon was murdered by Ellie's ex Miko.

Explaining the decision to Insider, Kiili said, "Sometimes life happens. Christmas isn't always happy. I just wanted to remind people of that. Many people thanked me for that and told their stories to me."

True fans of the account may have been less scandalized than those referred to @ellie.from.finland from a viral Twitter thread.

Before Damon's death, Ellie's life was far from simple.

The drama actually began in Ellie's life two years ago, when Miko, who she was currently dating, introduced her to Damon.

Of course, Ellie almost cheated on Miko with Damon right after they met.

... And eventually called it quits with Miko.

Then, Miko kidnapped Ellie.

After Damon rescued Ellie, they began a relationship and would eventually get married.

Damon's past came back to haunt him when Ellie was kidnapped AGAIN over his unpaid debts.

The couple lived a happy and normal life after the second kidnapping until Miko reappeared to murder Damon.

Fans were surprised to see a character that has been a mainstay of the account get the axe, but Ellie quickly moved on to Jacob.

Kiili told Insider that she has "no idea" how much longer she'll maintain the account. "I have always loved miniature dolls and photographing so I think I'll do this as long as I live," she said.

She says that her account started as a hobby, but has blossomed into a passion and a business.

"For now I work with someone else who makes miniatures and advertise them. I don't advertise if I don't like them," she told Insider. She also makes and sells miniatures herself.

It can take as long as 30 minutes to stage a single photo, according to Kiili, and up to a whole day to make an entire storyline - of which there are many on her account.

Ellie.from.Finland is far from the only Instagram account totally obsessed with the plastic figurines

Hundreds if not thousands of accounts can be found devoted to very specific doll fascinations. is devoted entirely to miniature plants for dolls.

@La_doll_cevita posts much more traditional influencer style doll photos centered around "Ela" and her friends - no kidnappings have been documented.

@Bybarndolls takes fashion photos and portraits of dolls, sometimes replicating iconic images. Here's "Eva and Adam."

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