• The newest Huawei smartphone was unveiled in London last week and launched in South Africa on Tuesday. 
  • Huawei’s flagship, the Mate 20 Pro, sports a few pioneering features of note. 
  • Reverse charging allows you to use the phone as a power bank for other devices.

The latest Huawei smartphone, the Mate 20 Pro was unveiled in London last week and launched in Johannesburg on the 23rd of October. The launch came after massive anticipation from techies around the world over what the X-factor would be in the latest brainchild from Huawei.  

Speculations were leaked by everyone from notable tipster Evan Blass to random people on trains. But rumours were finally laid to rest last week when Huawei’s consumer head, Richard Yu, showcased the phone to the world for the first time.  

Let's run down the notable new features worth taking a second look:  

Reverse wireless charging 
The device houses a large battery that supports a 40W fast-charger, which gives it 70% charge in 30 minutes – that’s 1% in less than 30 seconds. A saving grace for anyone who has ever lost a charger is that the phone is able to charge wirelessly. What’s probably the craziest feature of the Mate 20 Pro though is that it additionally supports wireless reverse charging, which basically means the phone can double up as a power bank for other electronic devices that support wireless charging like other smartphones. 

AI Cinema mode 
There’s a reason why AI (Artificial Intelligence) was voted as 2017’s word of the year by the Association of National Advertisers and it’s because AI technology is taking over the world as we know it. “It is an essential tool that will be, if it is not already, not simply a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must have’ technology,” Mikhail Naumov, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy officer of DigitalGenius, previously told Forbes.  

Using AI, the Mate 20 Pro’s cinema mode can isolate human subjects and desaturate the colours around them to dramatically highlight the person. AI Spotlight Reel identifies clips with a shared theme and auto-generates a montage, made entirely of highlights. 

Triple trouble camera  
Known for its great smartphone capabilities in the P20 pro range the Mate 20 pro is no exception – it’s equipped with a 40MP main camera, a 20MP ultra wide-angle camera, and an 8MP telephoto camera. What does that mean for you? You can take amazing photos without needing any tricks. The trio of lenses supports a wide range of focal lengths enabling the camera to mimic the results from professional cameras. See the wide-angle lens in action below.  


At the launch in London, Richard Yu showcased how the phone can also calculate the calories of a naartjie through a process called HiVision. But this isn’t just about counting calories – it’s also used to identify landmarks and translating words on the spot. By using the 3D depth sensing camera located at the front of the phone, users can also unlock their phone with a face scan.  

On-screen fingerprint reader 
The Mate 20 Pro comes with on-screen fingerprint recognition, reports Shona Ghosh for Business Insider US. That means you can just put your finger on the screen and unlock the phone, rather than touch on a dedicated panel on the front or back of the device. Although this isn't the first Android phone to feature on-screen fingerprint recognition, it's one of the few flagship smartphones released this year to feature the technology. 

The Mate 20 Pro could be the best Android phone of 2018 
After the launch, Forrester analyst Thomas Husson said Huawei’s latest series would likely be Android bestsellers until Samsung releases its next flagship early next year. "Huawei will have a nice commercial window of opportunity to benefit from the seasonality of sales last year," he told Business Insider USA. The big names in the 2018 running are Huawei, OnePlus, Samsung, LG and Google, according to TechRadar.  

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