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5 ways companies can help reduce the high cost of job hunting

Bombi Mavundza , Business Insider SA
 Jun 03, 2018, 06:19 PM
  • Young job seekers often have to ask family for money to cover the cost of looking for job.
  • It costs an estimated R550 a month to look for work.
  • This is how companies can lower the costs for job-seekers.

Employers need to make job-hunting easier – and cheaper – for your people, says Jake Willis, CEO of placement company, Lulaway.

"It cost job seekers up to R550 a month in transport and other administrative costs to actively search for a job in the country," he says.

Research indicates that an average of R350 is spent on transport and R200 on internet costs and printing.

“Young people who spend several months looking for jobs often exhaust their personal savings as well as every other channel open to them,” he says.

Most organisations are aware of the importance of employing people people who live close to the work place, he says, because the risk "drop-off" is higher when when employees have to spend a large portion of their salary on transport. 

But employers do not always consider how much it costs for job seekers to apply for jobs and attend interviews, says Willis.

Young job-seekers can keep down their costs by looking for career fairs or organised youth employment events. But there is only so much they can do.

Employer can help job-seekers by: 

Advertising job openings online.

Online job portals allow young people to find out about jobs without having to spend money on newspapers. It also gives them access to wider range of opportunities.

Allowing paperless, online job applications.

With online applications transport and printing costs associated with delivering a CV are eliminated, says Willis.

"Where possible, conduct telephonic pre-screening to ensure unsuitable candidates are not invited to an interview," he says, and so do not waste the cost of transport.

Considering speed-interviewing events.

Speed-interviewing allows companies to partner with other similar employers in the industry – or various branches or departments within the organisation – to interview several job seekers over a short period.

Applicants can then be interviewed for several job openings, saving them hundreds of rands in transport, while the company can effectively screen applicants fast.

Paying first-time employees their first month's salary in weekly instalments.

This allows them to cover their transport costs without having to scramble for a full month before the first paycheque.

Combining hiring activities such as interviews and assessments into one day.

One journey, rather than two or more, significantly reduces the price of every application.

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