Headwraps can go a long way to add some kick to your work outfit. The trick is knowing how to tie them correctly.

With the help of stylist Bongani Tau, Business Insider got two fashion bloggers and headgear experts to show us how to do it right. 

1. Top knot

"Nothing puts a look together like a headwrap that, not only saves you from a bad hair day, but also compliments your outfit," says Ayanda Zebe, a make-up artist from Fourways. "Also, the right colour can make your last-minute outfit look like a masterpiece."

2. Twist

To find the perfect headwrap, you often have to look no further than your closet. If you have an old dress or a large t-shirt that you don't wear anymore, that has a beautiful pattern, you can cut it and transform it into a headwrap, says Zebe

3. Back twist

"Be creative with it, as long as it's secure and you are comfortable, you are good to go," says medical student and blogger Nosipho Mhlanga.

4. Bow tie

A brightly coloured headwrap can help lift your outfit.

5. High knot

Play around with different colours, prints and textures of material to switch it up, says Mhlanga

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